5. Mindy Finn: The Face of the Party to Replace the GOP? by Jennifer Rubin

TITLE: Mindy Finn: The Face of the Party to Replace the GOP?
 AUTHOR: Jennifer Rubin
PUBLISHED: The Washington Post, October 19, 2016
READING TIME: 16 minutes


Courtesy of Ms. Finn’s Twitter page.

I’ve heard Evan McMullin and Mindy Finn mentioned a lot on NPR and other news sites over the past few weeks. I wanted to learn more about their campaign not so much because I want an alternative to voting for Hillary (#imwithher), but because I feel it’s time for us to allow another voice on the debate stage. Because Trump is ridiculous, dangerous, garbage, and Hillary has spent the entire election proving she’s the Anti-Trump choice.

Basically, this election’s been a shit show. The Republican Party’s imploding and rupturing; I’m sure the Democratic party is destined for a similar fate. As an Independent–I vote based on the person and why they believe they should be elected, not the party–McMullin and Finn’s idea of creating a new kind of leadership for future generations is appealing to me. The Washington Post highlighted Finn as a savvy 35-year-old, passionate about making center-right politics attractive to millennials and women. Finn thinks the right type of conservative could appeal to these groups (if the GOP is to survive, it needs to diversify its stronghold of old, white men), and maybe McMullin is that conservative. He started beating both Clinton and Trump in the polls in Utah, he has character, he worked for the CIA, and his platform emphasizes constitutional government and strong leadership with a positive international impact.

Finn believes McMullin to be a natural choice for conservatives in states where Trump lost the primary–Idaho and Utah–because of how important faith and religion are to those voters. McMullin is deeply religious (fine with me if it doesn’t blind his politics) who, like many Christian groups, questions how devout Trump actually is (in several tweets during last night’s final presidential debate, he condemned Trump for not taking a stance on abortion). Finn notes that Trump has frightened religious groups that have a “cultural memory of persecution and discrimination” by declaring that he will ban Muslims from entering the US.

I like McMullin and Finn. Their aim is to start a movement, to encourage an “attitudinal shift” in how the GOP is perceived and what leadership is. That said, they don’t have my vote. Clinton is qualified and the stronger candidate, with ideas that more closely align with my own. I wish she could have been clearer on her proposals for what she will do as president, but I don’t believe I’m voting for the lesser of any evil.


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